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If the development goes ahead there are concerns over the blockage of the waterway to traffic that depends on it for access to the

After nearly 60 years in the marine repair and service business, Canoe Cove Marina has sold that portion of their operation to Vector Yacht

Watch it speed by!

We were upside down in this crazy world and the Southern Cross constellation had replaced the North Star as our shining light to home.

Lifestyles of the Rich & Famous, Mega Yachts of the Ultra Rich.

Ok I’m just going to admit it… I got sick, seasick with a vengeance.

Every time we've passed by Butedale, once a thriving cannery founded in 1911, we've been both attracted by the setting and repelled by the

No boat? No problem.

The marine industry is growing and with it the need for trained and qualified workers is growing too. In an effort to help meet

Yachtingsbest.com started out of necessity. Having settled down in Vancouver after being posted all over western Canada as an airline pilot for 12 years,

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