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So you’re at anchor in your favourite gunkhole and Fido needs to go ashore for a pee. Most people know this routine. It’s enough

After more than four decades in the boatbuilding business, Hunter got a new lease on life when David Marlow, a successful boatbuilding entrepreneur, purchased

Not all journeys need a reason, but sometimes setting a goal to collect experiences—riding wooden roller coasters, posing with giant fibreglass vegetables, or aiming

The three award categories are: Best in Show: Powerboat, Best in Show: Sailboat and Best in Show: Equipment. Judges Roger McAfee, Zuzana Prochazka and

The MC 5 was designed with a fine entry forward, an attribute that should make for a comfortable ride in bouncy seas. From the

Comparing Bavaria's new Easy 9.7 with the MH-31, it's obvious that Bavaria Yachts has approached the starter boat conundrum from an entirely different direction.

The new Marlow-Hunter 31 is longer, wider and some 30 percent heavier than Hunter’s previous 31 (produced from 2006 to 2009). Indeed it’s very

The interior of the ship is a veritable museum. Antique furnishings, carpeting and floors add a classic dimension to the restored Acania. David Olson

It's not too late to escape winter—charter a boat in one of these tropical locations and get your fill of sun-soaked cruising.

Catalina’s latest 5-series model takes an unexpected tack.

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